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Island Wines from Sardinia

This Tuesday we enjoy a double header as blind tasting night welcomes the PALA wines from Sardinia Italy. These fascinating wines ran on our radar in 2013 when studying the wine abyss began. I learned that there was a red wine called Cannanou ( I always imagined a canoe filled with Grenache grapes) it would take until 2015 to have my first Cannonau and to this day, I have really only tried a handful of different producers.  The white Vermentino can be an exceptional vehicle showcasing terroir, and airroir.

Now we will all have an opportunity to enjoy wines from Sardinia. This special island has volcanic soils and sea spray in the air. Let’s dive into this lineup and celebrate one of the 5 blue zones on the planet. ( Where people are living their longest and healthiest lives) Could it be the wine ,the food, the culture, or the land ? Let’s taste the wines and travel to this Sardinia. The lineup of wines is available at Swirlery.

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